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    It is most deifinitely time to start this blog back up again. Please join me in my latest attempt to be more splendid and happy and less fat and grumpy.

    Tuesday, September 30, 2008

    SO slow!!

    I was weighed today and I lost a HUGE 1lb! in 2 weeks....it is baffling to me because I see and feel a difference and if the actual pounds are not coming off, how is that so? Oh well.
    Anyway, what can I do but keep going and hope it speeds up or something, that said, this eveing I caved and had a chinese takeaway..like that's going to help!

    BREAKFAST. Slimfast
    LUNCH. turkey rashers, poached eggs, baked beans, toast.
    DINNER. Sweet and sour chicken, fried rice and beef and cashews.

    Snack, apple crisps. Yoghurt.


    Monday, September 29, 2008


    Weigh in tomorrow, wonder what that will show?

    BREAKFAST. Slimfast.
    LUNCH. Pitta, low fat cheese, wafer thin ham, salad.
    DINNER. Shepherds pie, cabbage. 1 scoop vanilla ice cream.

    Snacks. Special K skimmed milk.


    I think I see.....

    That my face is getting thinner! Whoohoo!
    First pic was in June, second one is tonight ( at 1am, so no make up and weary eyes!) but look, I swear the neck isn't as fat! YEAY!
    So difficult to get a self pic, but it shows what I want to see.

    JUNE '08


    Sunday, September 28, 2008


    BREAKFAST. Slimfast.
    LUNCH. Pitta with low fat cream cheese, ham and salad.
    DINNER. Low fat chicken soup, whole wheat bread.

    Snacks, 4 rich tea biscuits, Muller light yoghurt.


    Saturday, September 27, 2008


    BREAKFAST. Slimfast, fruit ( you think that this would get dull after a while but for me, it is a great way to start the day and I never feel like eating until lunchtime)
    LUNCH. Prawns, avocado and salad.
    DINNER Kung po chicken ( made at home to make sure it is low fat) Delicious! White rice, am trying to keep portion size down and use a smaller bowl, using the fist size portions for carbs, which is tough for me because I LOVE CARBS! Muller light apricot yoghurt.

    Snack special K cereal, skimmed milk.


    Catching up

    Thursday ( before I forget!)

    BREAKFAST Slimfast, fruit.
    LUNCH. Baked potato, cottage cheese, beetroot.
    DINNER. Macaroni cooked in tomatoes ( tinned) with turkey rashers, garlic, yellow and red peppers.

    Snacks. Cereal skimmed milk.


    BREAKFAST. Slimfast, fruit.
    LUNCH. Pitta with low fat cream cheese, ham and salad.
    DINNER. Grilled pork chop, home fries ( sliced baking potato, softened in microwave, sprayed with one cal sunflower spray, black pepper and speinkle of sea salt and baked...YUM!) Red cabbage and apple.

    Snack. 2 slices whole meal bread. Fruit.


    Wednesday, September 24, 2008


    Today has been one of those days where I just wanted to eat, have food to bite on and enjoy...it was tough not to give in, although I did make allowances. I stayed well within allowance though. Very good!

    BREAKFAST. Slimfast, banana.
    LUNCH. Sub with low fat cream cheese, wafer thin ham and salad ( and today I ate the whole sub, I usually eat half and freeze the other half)
    DINNER..oh dinner was SO good!
    I poached some chicken breasts, then when they were white right through ( which makes them so tender) I heated some olive oil, made it good and hot, I fried the chicken cubes and drizzled 3 dessert spoons of honey over it, I used some ground ginger, black pepper and pinch of salt.
    I added red pepper, green pepper and broccoli and at the last minute some noodles. What a great dinner, big old chunks of delicious food!

    Snacks, apple chips. Bran cereal and skimmed milk.


    Tuesday, September 23, 2008


    I am hopeless at getting this updated every day but I AM sticking to it. Today I took Sophie, Jordan, Mel and Joshua out and they chose to eat sausage and chips.....Oh how I miss chips, real ones from the chip shop....I sat while they ate and I wanted to eat some, I ate 3 of Sophies and then I took a Xenecal..hah that stopped me in my tracks, no more chips or even temptation to eat them!


    BREAKFAST.Slimfast, banana.
    LUNCH. Prawn salad 1/2 wholemeal sub.
    DINNER. Weight watchers chips and baked cod.
    Snacks Muller light yoghurt, 2 slices wholemeal bread.

    BREAKFAST. Slimfast. grapes.
    LUNCH. Weight watchers chicken hot pot, peas.
    DINNER. Manchamantel chicken and rice.
    Snacks, wheat cereal skimmed milk.

    I do eat a lot of fruit throughout the day, I don't list that because it is so healthy and good for me and I can never remember what I ate!


    Sunday, September 21, 2008

    Saturday and Sunday...

    Two for the price of one!


    BREAKFAST. Slimfast. Banana.
    LUNCH. Wholemeal sub, turkey and salad.
    DINNER, Wholemeal sub, Tuna and salad.
    Snacks, Wholemeal toast and banana.


    BREAKFAST. Slimfast. pear.
    LUNCH. Prawn salad, 2 slices wholemeal bread.
    DINNER. Baked potato, 3 reuced fat sauasges, baked beans.

    Snacks. Apple crisps, cornflakes and skimmed milk.


    Friday, September 19, 2008

    No...TODAY is friday!

    WTH? Oh well, this one better say Friday because it IS friday and it's 10.55...so there!

    BREAKFAST. Slimfast, orange.
    LUNCH. Ham sub with salad. Yoghurt.
    DINNER. Stuffed marrow.

    Snacks. Grapes, cornflakes and skimmed milk.



    The days and dates on these posts are all over the place because sometimes it's after midnight when I post...today is thursday, yesterdays post is under thursday too....oh well!

    BREAKFAST. Slimfast.
    LUNCH. Turkey breast sub with salad, Muller light yoghurt.
    DINNER. Baked potato, cottage cheese, salad.

    Snacks, cornflakes with skimmed milk, fresh fruit salad.


    Thursday, September 18, 2008

    So satisfying...

    No, not some miracle food that fills your belly and your soul and satisfies every craving you may have..but close.....the feeling you get when you are in a place surrounded by food and not only do you stick with the plan but it actually isn't hard, at all.
    That was me today and I loved it!
    I went out for the day with a friend, knowing that lunch time would be an easy time to cave and opt for fish and chips, I took a Xenical and like magic, any temptations were quickly pushed aside and we ate subway ( I am such a fan of subway!)
    This evening I went to a Harvest supper with a lot of lovely friends from church, it was a potluck and there was SO much great food there....I didn't touch a single thing that wasn't good for my new life...it felt great and I didn't feel even a touch of being deprived.
    What a great day!

    BREAKFAST. Slimfast. Pitted dates ( which although are high in sugar, are SO filling, 3-4 is enough to make me feel totally sugar satisfied)
    LUNCH . Subway, Turkey breast wheat sub with salad.
    DINNER. Med baked potato, 1/2 oz cheese, baked beans and salad.

    Snacks, 2 small wholemeal rolls, bowl of cheerios. Grapes.


    Tuesday, September 16, 2008

    Did I do mondays? What day is it?!?

    Today is tuesday, I went to get weighed today and have my BP taken, the great news is my blood pressure is already coming down! Still higher than it should be but better than it was.
    I have lost weight but it's unsure how much, my initial weigh in was on a regular scale in the Drs room , on carpet, today was on a solid floor on some snazzy digital scales, so from now on I get weighed on those, so I will know how it is going when I am weighed on the same scales every time.

    BREAKAST. Slimfast.
    LUNCH. Ham pitta.
    HUGE MISTAKE!!!! I went out after lunch and came home 5 hours later, didn't eat any snacks or fruit and I was starving, so hungry I was shaking and felt ill...so I grabbed 2 bread rolls and just ate them like a pig.....then had a yogurt. Then I was too full for a good dinner, the day was just shot.
    I have to make sure that I eat at regular intervals, it is a big no no to wait until I am starving and then eat whatever is at hand!


    Saturday, September 13, 2008

    Hey...THIS is saturdays....must have posted fridays after midnight!

    I am absolutely astounded that today I noticed that my hair, in the front, where it had thinned and was really sparce..has GROWN, I kid you not, the front has filled in and thickened up....it is a miracle! Here's hoping it is the better eating.

    BREAKFAST. Slimfast. Orange.
    LUNCH. Prawn cocktail, 2 slices wholemeal bread.
    DINNER. Roast chicken, corn and mashed potato.

    Snack No snack BUT I was babysat for Mel and Jordan...Sophie came round and we ate chinese! Yes I did and it was DELICIOUS!


    And another one down.

    I could have murdered fish and chips today, all day I thought about it, but I didn't do it and it didn't hurt.

    BREAKFAST. Slimfast, grapes.
    LUNCH. Wholemeal sub, chicken breast, salad.
    DINNER. Baked potato, 1oz grated cheese ( must remember to buy some cottage cheese tomorrow!) baked beans. Muller light cherry yoghurt.

    Snacks. Grapes, 2 slices wholemeal toast and lime marmalade. Fry's turkish delight.

    Oh, cool thing, washed my jeans....when I put them on, if I didn't notice that they were already done up when I put them on! Hooray...had to lie down to button them 3 weeks ago!


    Thursday, September 11, 2008


    I love thursdays because it's shopping day so there is always a great choice of things to eat, fridge full of good food.

    LUNCH ( at Fermoys with mum and Leah) Baked potato with tuna and salad.
    DINNER. Baked fish, peas.

    Snacks, Wholemeal bread and vegemite and fruit. ( apple slices and grapes)


    Wednesday, September 10, 2008


    Today flew by and was one of those rare and wonderful days where I forgot about food entirely, I ate when I should have eaten and then gave it not a thought until it was time to eat again.
    I have to eat when I take my medicine at 10pm and tonight I really had trouble eating anything.
    2 weeks I have stuck with the plan, it is getting easier most days.
    I am not getting weighed because I don't want to get despondant by numbers. I am going to just stick with it and enjoy the good feelings. When my clothes tell me that I have lost a good amount of weight, I will go and get weighed.

    BREAKFAST Slimfast ( that are 1/2 price right now, YEAY!!) Grapes.
    LUNCH. Pitta with ham and tomatoes and cucumber.
    DINNER. Pasta, chicken breast cooked in condensed low fat mushroom soup, mushrooms, I discovered celery salt which adds a great flavour to sauces, black pepper and small amount of garlic.

    Snack. Ryvita and vegemite.


    Tuesday, September 09, 2008

    Another day down.

    I was thinking about all the things I can look forward to, by sticking with this new plan. So many things that will change!
    I hope that I sleep better, I snore so much right now, I wake myself up by not breathing and then snoring...I hope as the weight goes, that will get better.
    I want my hands back, I used to have such lovely hands and now they look like fat old butchers hands, I can't wait to have my rings feel loose!
    I already feel better, my clothes are already more comfortable, that's so great to feel that so quickly.
    I can't wait to get a neck back! Fat old double chins and wobbly turkey neck...yuk!

    BREAKFAST. Slimfast. Pear.
    LUNCH. Red bean soup and stuffed pitta ( tomatoes and wafer thin ham)
    DINNER. Spaghetti bolognese ( low fat sauce, no cheese) Yoghurt.

    SNACKS. Fruit, shredded wheat with skimmed milk.


    Monday, September 08, 2008

    School days.

    I love mondays!

    BREAKFAST. Slimfast.. Grapes.
    LUNCH. 2 slices wholemeal toast. Baked beans.
    DINNER. Chicken curry and white rice. ( made the curry using tinned tomatoes, onions, garlic and curry paste.) Darn it if a popodum didn't fall in my mouth while I wasn't looking!

    Snacks. Shredded wheat and skimmed milk.


    Boring days are the toughest ones.

    BEing busy makes eating well and eating less much easier. Long days at home, with nothing much to do make things much tougher!

    BREAKFAST. SLimfast. Banana.
    LUNCH. Egg and pasta salad
    DINNER. Baked potato, turkey rashers, tomatoes and spring onions.

    Snack, Vegemite sandwich ( wholemeal bread)


    Sunday, September 07, 2008

    I did it!

    We took Seth and a friend ( and Isaac) to a basketball game in Plymouth tonight, we went for dinner first and the boys chose McDonalds ( how boring when they had a whole city for great places to eat!) I didn't touch any of that food thankyou, I went along the street and bought a ham and chicken salad....which was delicious. It feels rather splendid when I am marvellous and strong willed, I certainly did want to eat junk food ( the KFC smelled so great! ) and I had a battle in my head right the way to Plymouth ( 30 minute drive) about how I could eat some KFC because I had eaten so little all day blah de Blah. But I didn't, and I feel good about that.

    BREAKFAST. Slimfast. Banana.
    LUNCH. Chicken sandwich. Yoghurt.
    DINNER. Chicken salad with ham. 2slices wholemeal bread.

    Snacks. Grapes.


    Saturday, September 06, 2008

    Tough one today....

    For some reason today was tough and I so could have eaten anything not nailed down, but I didn't. Very good.

    BREAKFAST. Slimfast, grapes.
    LUNCH. Turkey wholemeal roll. Muller light yoghurt.
    DINNER. Roast chicken, sprouts, cauliflower, boiled potato.

    Snacks. liquorice allsorts. Apricot wheats skimmed milk.


    Thursday, September 04, 2008

    What I can't live without...

    When I am eating well and cooking good food, there are a few things that I must have to hand,
    I always make sure that I have...
    Tinned tomatoes.
    Onion powder.
    One cal spray / oil.
    Black pepper.
    Turkey rashers.
    Of course there's always the obvious like salad and fruit etc but if I have those other things I can make any kind of delicious meals, with fish and chicken.
    It's possible to make most recipes with low fat alternatives and once you get in the habit it is pretty scary to see how bad your choices were..I am astounded by the way I eat 'badly just because I am not thinking. I am a butter freak, I love it, lashings on baked potatoes, dollops on vegetables, dripping from toast, thickly spread on crusty bread.....it amazes me how food tastes every bit as good without it, so why do I slip back and fall back into that terrible habit?

    BREAKFAST. Slimfast and grapes.
    LUNCH Chicken breast sub with salad.
    DINNER. Baked potato small sprinkling of strong cheddar, baked beans.
    Muller light yoghurt.

    Snacks. OH MY!!! I didn't have ANY snacks today!!! Oh yes I did have apricot wheats with my medicine....great day though. Feels very good indeed.


    Wednesday, September 03, 2008

    One week later.

    So one full week on, are there any benefits yet?
    Well, my nails are really long and not splitting, I feel better about myself although there are no outward signs that I have been a veritable angel in the low fat heavens.
    Actually my jeans are very comfortable, not digging in at all. I will get weighed next week so I will know then how many pounds have been lost.
    I know that I am going to wish I had measured myself later on but would be too horrified to put it down on paper.....maybe I will persuade myself to do that soon though.

    BREAKFAST. Slimfast, grapes.
    LUNCH. Wholewheat cucumber and vegemite sandwich, Muller light yoghurt.
    DINNER. Oven baked cod in breadcrumb, peas

    Snack, pitta and sliced turkey. Cranberry wheats and skimmed milk.


    Tuesday, September 02, 2008

    Even on days out!

    Went out for the day today and survived, love good old Subway and their low fat choices!

    BREAKFAST. Slimfast. Nectarine.
    LUNCH. Subway sweet onion teryaki chicken sub.
    DINNER. Chicken breast cooked in low fat mushroom soup, with mushrooms, garlic and broccoli.
    Snacks. Fruit ( grapes, plum, pear.) Cranberry wheats, skimmed milk.


    Monday, September 01, 2008

    September already!

    Which means back to school....which means nothing as far as diet is concerned, I don't think it will make any difference at all, I stuck with the not buying crisps and cookies etc right through the 6 weeks so wonderful that this hasn't been a temptation, it has also become a habit. Seth had a pack of salt and vinegar crisps as a treat for being patient whilst school shopping today ( and it took a whole 13 minutes to get 3 pairs trousers, 3 shirts, and shoes. ) He was in fatty heaven while he dug in to those crisps, I shall certainly be trying to find alternatives for his lunch box but he eats so little and is so skinny I actually think that he needs that bunch of calories more than not.
    Anyway another great day.

    BREAKFAST. Slimfast. Nectarine and grapes.
    LUNCH. Prawn salad with avocado, 2 slices wholemeal bread.
    DINNER. Spaghetti, sauce made with tomatoes, turkey rashers, green peppers, garlic and a splash of chili sauce...really delicious!

    Snack Cranberry wheats and skimmed milk. Pear and banana.