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    It is most deifinitely time to start this blog back up again. Please join me in my latest attempt to be more splendid and happy and less fat and grumpy.

    Saturday, December 13, 2008


    Oh I had such a great time in Boston, I ate really well, I did have 2 cinnamon bagels and shared a spinach and cheese dip a couple of times but other than that I had great food, apricot chicken with asparagus, Steak and a crab cake with broccoli, Pan asian chicken salad, oriental orange salad...I avoided breads and potatoes ( excpet at the Olive garden because you would have to have a will of steel to not eat some of that but I only ate one of the mini bread sticks and loved every mouthful.
    I kept with slimfast and fruit for breakfast every day, the day we left I ate eggs and 2 rashers of bacon.
    I snacked on some great 100cal snacks from Target. I drank water and diet coke, I felt great.
    I hate that since coming home it has been a huge battle to stick with it...why is that? For heavens sake I can't stand that I want to eat anything that isn't locked away ( and nothing is locked away!)
    I am going to get weighed on tuesday, I sort of dread it because the last 3 days have been such a struggle, however I now have another 2 pairs of jeans that are ridiculously loose, so it must still be working. I am glad not to have scales at home, I weighed myself while I was away on a scale in the public restrooms and I wish I hadn't, it didn't mean much as it was in pounds and I am always weighed in kilos.....so who knows if I have lost and it wasn't the same scales as usual so...stupid move all together! OK so I just went to a weight conversion site, the scales in Boston make me 1.4 lbs heavier than my last weigh in here...we'll see what the Drs scales tell me!
    I think I might start noting what I eat here again ..it makes a big difference to do that for me.
    I am so determined to see this through to the very end, to feel that satisfaction of seeing that I can do it, of feelig that thin and that light, of knowing what a huge favour I have done myself, I want to see my BO come down so far that I no longer need medicine. I want to know, if I feel ill that it is not just being overweight and unhealthy. I want to be able to shop with my friends and choose clothes off the rack and be sure that they will fit, not buy something huge and then be horrified that it is still too tight..I want those days behind me. Sooner rather than later.


    Wednesday, December 03, 2008

    Still with it!

    I am sticking with it, still enthusiastic, drinking more water but very bored with blogging about it. I am taking a break from the blog and dreary recording of it all, will be back to record weight loss and anything that is remotely interesting.