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    It is most deifinitely time to start this blog back up again. Please join me in my latest attempt to be more splendid and happy and less fat and grumpy.

    Monday, September 01, 2008

    September already!

    Which means back to school....which means nothing as far as diet is concerned, I don't think it will make any difference at all, I stuck with the not buying crisps and cookies etc right through the 6 weeks so wonderful that this hasn't been a temptation, it has also become a habit. Seth had a pack of salt and vinegar crisps as a treat for being patient whilst school shopping today ( and it took a whole 13 minutes to get 3 pairs trousers, 3 shirts, and shoes. ) He was in fatty heaven while he dug in to those crisps, I shall certainly be trying to find alternatives for his lunch box but he eats so little and is so skinny I actually think that he needs that bunch of calories more than not.
    Anyway another great day.

    BREAKFAST. Slimfast. Nectarine and grapes.
    LUNCH. Prawn salad with avocado, 2 slices wholemeal bread.
    DINNER. Spaghetti, sauce made with tomatoes, turkey rashers, green peppers, garlic and a splash of chili sauce...really delicious!

    Snack Cranberry wheats and skimmed milk. Pear and banana.



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