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    Sunday, August 31, 2008

    All over the shop!

    One of those horrible days where you feel hungry and yet everything you plan goes to pot. I was so organised and prepared stuffed marrow for dinner, all I needed to do was put the filling in and cook it. All was going well, was so looking forward to it and then the 'orders' began, why my family simply cannot eat what is given to them and be grateful is beyond me ( it is not, actually beyond me, it is because I pander to them like some sort of unpaid short order cook)
    "I don't want cheese, too much fat" Said H who eats ice cream at every opportunity and whipped cream and butter. He would not be persuaded by the fact that it was low fat cheese, god and strong so a mere sprinkle would add wonderful taste, no, no cheese.
    Isaac said no cheese too, Eli has trouble with the physicalities of stuffed marrow so I took the filing out, took he flesh off his marrow and put it all in a bowl so he could shovel it in. Still didn't want it.
    Seth wouldn't touch it with a barge pole so he got cheese, tomatoes, melon, etc etc.
    By the time I got everyone's dinner to the specific blasted requests, my long awaited dinner was burnt to crapola. So I had a banana sandwich an avocado ( click that link and see just what avocados can do for you, the fat content is actually of no real worry) and indigestion followed by a dessert of bad temper and door slamming.
    I loved stuffed marrow and to make it more diet friendly, I replace half the minced beef with various veggies, mushrooms are the poor man's meat, you can get away with using 1/3 of the meat if you put in plenty of mushrooms, peppers, broccoli, carrots etc, it is truly delicious and incredibly healthy. I used 1/2 lb minced beef for stuffing 4 halves of marrow, still really filling and tasty ( if you don't burn it!)

    BREAKFAST Slimfast, Melon, orange.
    LUNCH. Banana sandwich on wholemeal bread, avocado.
    DINNER. Pitta with ham and salad.
    Snacks, Muller light yoghurt and fruit. Apricot mini wheats.



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