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    It is most deifinitely time to start this blog back up again. Please join me in my latest attempt to be more splendid and happy and less fat and grumpy.

    Saturday, August 30, 2008

    All things bright and beautiful.

    There is a TV show called 'You are what you eat' I love this show, the woman who goes to peoples' homes, she has the poor soul parade in underwear, tells them how fat and unfit they are and then she takes them to a room where she will have had a whole weeks worth of what they usually eat on a table.
    What strikes me every time I see this show ( after I have marvelled at how these people really DO stand in the nearly buff while a camera encircles them showing every lump, bump and dimple) is that the what a greedy slob you are table is always heaving with every shade of brown.
    Brown and more brown.
    Chips, curries, burgers, chocolate, cookies, fried chicken, fries, crisps, toast and thick butter, gravy, sausages, bacon.
    Brown and beige and brown.
    When she then makes them cry by showing them just what utter scarfing pigs they are and how along with their own downfall they are dragging with them their innocent children....then she shows them what they will be eating.
    That table is so different, every colour under the sun, I swear the sun itself shines off that table, groaning with green, orange, yellow, red, beautiful colours and never a bit of brown to be seen.
    I am living proof that many fat people do not eat because they like that particular food, more because they are miserable and lazy, perhaps uneducated. In my case it is the former. I can tell you that I am all knowing when it comes to what to eat, when to eat it and how to cook it so it makes you hum and jig your legs in delight as it hits your taste buds.
    I can give lists of things not to ever be without, tips to make things look and taste extra delicious, how to eat so that you never feel hungry, what to do if you DO feel hungry to stop you caving, how to do this without spending a fortune ( and yes, eating well costs money but so does eating like a glutton, for every organic treat you buy there will be one fat laden unnecessary treat you don't even realise you ARE eating or even buying. ) The surest way to shame yourself is to tell yourself that for just ONE week you will eat well. ~You will cringe at the amount of times you stoop to pick up a chocolate bar, packet of crisps, left over something from a child's plate. You will be horrified at the sheer amount of junk you almost put in your shopping trolley, you really will. I always am. ( how sad that this happens over and over again, get with the programme, do it well and then whoops, down we go again. However, if I didn't keep doing it, I would be on a documentary about how it takes a team of firefighters to haul me out of the window in order to weigh me down at the local freight weighing center. Phew for yo -yo dieting then I suppose.
    So, today has been another good day on the aren't I splendid front.

    BREAKFAST. Slimfast. Banana ( Oh Lacey, that fruity item is the actual fruit as opposed to the flavour of the slimfast, I am as dull as the choices available, Vanilla, Strawberry and chocolate I'm afraid, it is possible to buy a Cafe au Lait one but, ewwwwww, no thanks. I wish they did a peach one or an apricot, that's be delicious.) Also, I actually buy the supermarkets own brand which is 59p instead of £1.26 for actual slimfast, unless SF are buy one get one free.

    LUNCH. Pitta bread stuffed with wafer thin ham and tomatoes, 2 slices of ice cold melon.

    DINNER. Vietnamese river cobbler ( white fish!) baked with lemon juice and black pepper, broccoli. Muller light apricot yoghurt.

    Snacks. Fruit ( strawberries, red grapes and melon) Wholemeal bread and vegemite.



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