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    Wednesday, May 31, 2006

    didn't cook a thing!

    I love days where I lift not a finger, yet eat well.
    I somehow skipped breakfast today, naughty naughty.
    At lunchtime we were out, so I bought a bowl of delicious pasta with a plain but delicious tomato sauce. Dinner, Sainsbury's were selling ready cooked chicken pieces for 15p each! So we had chicken salad today...never cooked a thing all day, wonderful!
    Oh and for dessert, fresh strawberries, raspberries and banana with a banana custard low fat youghurt......oh my, heaven in a bowl!


    At 8:16 PM, Blogger JUDE said...

    That sounds like a winner to me. Yesterday we cooked big old white lima beans in a crock pot and had cornbread. What I like to call cone-bread southern style! I love fruit too! Your piece on your father inspired me so much. Thank you so much for your support. Love Ya, and kiss, King


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