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    It is most deifinitely time to start this blog back up again. Please join me in my latest attempt to be more splendid and happy and less fat and grumpy.

    Saturday, July 22, 2006

    Forgot about that...

    I made a stir fry for dinner, chicken and pineapple, beansprouts, mushrooms, peppers, soy sauce and chinese five spice, delicious. Just use a one cal / fry lite spray instead of oil.

    Still having slimfast for breakfast
    Chicken sandwich for lunch/

    The weather .. or something, is making this whole healthy eating so hard right now. It's driving me crazy that I want such crappy food all the time. I have to get through this plateau and feel positive again.
    I am stuck and want to lose again....ARGH!!!!


    At 3:25 AM, Blogger Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

    I am RIGHT with you there... I've found that drinking water water and more water helps... a bit.



    At 4:53 AM, Blogger Shay-Shay said...

    Miss Helen,

    King made me a list of somme of the things here and we found them and I'm going to try and make some of these dishes because they are so good for blood sugar and what-knot! I love cooking and food, and I love your blog!

    You make everything sound so delicious! King can cook too! Poor Kiko cannot cook too well, but she will learn. Your family looks so healthy, simply because you nourish them so well with your wonderful meals!

    God bless you and Thanx for sharing your secrets,


    Shay Shay

    At 5:01 AM, Blogger Kiko said...

    Well, Helen, I have 2 cooks now. Sometimes even Adriano comes, too. But I know what tinned tomatoes are!!

    Thanks so much for your emails, King always is in such a brighter mood when he hears from you. Having Shay here is a charm! I get lonely at times for verbal conversation! Great blog here! Very healthy!


    At 5:06 AM, Blogger JUDE said...

    Hi Girl!
    I already feel better since you email. Thanks so much. Been gone all day. Will answer your email a little later. I have walked my arse off! hahahha! You guys say arse, dont you? That's funny to me. Hopefully Autumn is right around the corner. So many places not eating well due to the heat! Go easy on yourself. I'm with Julie Boolie about the water thing too! I drink lots of it! Love you! Kiss King


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