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    It is most deifinitely time to start this blog back up again. Please join me in my latest attempt to be more splendid and happy and less fat and grumpy.

    Saturday, August 12, 2006

    Oh pthhhhhhh.

    I gained a lb..just one, enough to make me realise that unless I get a grip, it will ALL creep back on and I will be back to sqaure one and miserable!!
    I LOVE feeling good and imagining how much better I feel when all the excess is gone. COME ON AND GET WITH IT!

    Ham sandwich
    Spaghetti, with a delcious sauce, tomatoes, garlic, celery, and I bought some pork and jalepeno sausage, I had one, they had a kick to them that made my lips tingle but they were GOOD!
    A good day....lets try again tomorrow.


    At 3:14 PM, Blogger Lou said...

    you go girl...it happens to the best of us..especially me..but we`re back on the wagon..


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