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    It is most deifinitely time to start this blog back up again. Please join me in my latest attempt to be more splendid and happy and less fat and grumpy.

    Sunday, April 16, 2006

    The beginning of the end of the blob?

    OK, so I have my other blog, my every day chunterings about what happens in my world..this one is different, I have started ( again ) on a road to betterdom, less of me but more of ME. I completely appreciate that to list what I eat and what exercise ( if any, being realistic here) I do, any progress or not, on my other blog might have the few readers I have losing the will to live and leaving me in their droves ( or pairs, or even on their own) .
    I want to write about all that stuff though because I am told that listing what you eat helps you to curb it. It's also handy, on the less successful weeks to look back and see what did work. I could write on a piece of paper or a notepad but lets face it, I'm a show off, if there is the chance that maybe ONE person will read me and say I'm great..well, I have to do it. It's the law.
    So blobblog is my way to make what is going to be a pretty tough challenge and a long haul experience a bit more fun for me.
    If I can look at a loaf of crusty bread and call it satan and get it behind me, I shall look forward to writing about it. If a slice of apple and caramel cake is too hard to turn my back on as I walk past the bakery by my house I shall try and think of a way to laugh about it and make it a simple lapse, not a huge wicked thing that will doom me to fatdom for ever and ever.
    I love this idea already and how fitting that I begin on this day. Easter sunday...when I am surrounded by delectable treats that are forbidden because they won't help me get thinner and they also belong to my children. Normally that wouldn't stop me but once they have been handed over it's sort of mean to steal them, who'd take candy from a baby after all ( unless they don't know you have it yet and then it's fair game because you can always go out and buy more and keep eating it until you are either very poor, very fat or very sick.) It really brings it home just how much you eat when your two year old puts his goodie basket down next to you and immediately feels so afraid that you will eat it all that he drop kicks it across the room to keep it safe. Not that my two year old did that or anything.
    I always say that chocolate is delicious but can easily be lived without. I much prefer bread and potatoes and good old stodgy stuff that hugs you and tells you that it will make you feel better and make that misery go away. I can live without chocolate but not when it's in my face. I am human after all.
    Sophie was trying to make the boys pace themselves today, I stopped her in her tracks and told them that if they want to gorge and be done with it that's perfectly fine. Thankyou. Who wants piles of chocolate screaming their name day and night ( and the nights are terrible for me, insomnia and boredom and hours and hours of being alone.....sort of feels like a good thing to eat then. Of course the fact that no-one can see helps, or makes it worse. )
    Things would be bad if those terrible 'peep' things ever look tasty to me. Who thought of making those? chicken shaped blobs of marshmallow ( but not the good stuff) covered in the brightest yellow goopy gritty coating, my teeth itch at the sight of them but I am told that they are compulsory in an easter basket. I am finding them everywhere. I think they must be alive, as they have been leaping out of baskets and trying to escape all day.
    I didn't do the traditional huge Easter roast dinner, I cooked some pork and did some low fat roast potatoes....half cooked them, put them on a pizza pan and sprayed them with lowcal spray, put paprika on them and they were delicious after 40 minutes in a hot oven.
    So, today I had a tin of grapefruit for breakfast, low fat noodles for lunch and for dinner, roast pork, cabbage and low fat potatoes with gravy. I have snagged some chocolate but in a controlled kind of way...not scoffing or gorging or cramming. Good.
    Tomorrow is my one week mark, I shall record what weight I have lost then.


    At 5:03 AM, Blogger LosingSanity said...

    Way to Go, Helen! I think this blog is a great idea. It does help to track your eating. I know I need to, but Im sure the results would be absolutely frightening. You are an inspiration. I swear, I am going to start eating better and get back to exercising(really, I am...lol). Seriously thought, i decided that it is time! Besides, "everyone is doing it"! =) Keep up the good work and if you could make it through Easter Sunday, you can make it all the way!

    At 10:02 PM, Blogger Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

    I love this blog!!! WTG Helen on living a better and healthier life! It's SOOO worth forgoing those little eggs (although I'm told someday we might actually be able to learn to eat just one or two... sounds like bullocks to me but we'll see).



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